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Mittal Enterprises has distinction in manufacturing Nanofluid Interferometer, Ultrasonic Interferometers and other scientific equipments for Research and Laboratory experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Polymer Science and Material Science departments of Engineering colleges, Post Graduate colleges and Universities.
Sharma, Rajni. Experimental and theoretical studies of molecular interactions in multicomponent systems containing industrially important organic solvents.(Prof. Anwar Ali and Dr. Anil Kumar Nain), Department of Chemistry, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

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Mittal Enterprises was established in 1976 with motto of providing quality products for Educational Institutions & Research Laboratories. The company has successfully achieved a distinct position owing to its quality products, competent management facilities and total customer satisfaction.

Mittal Enterprises has distinction in manufacturing and exporting Lab Instruments, Ultrasonic Instruments like Ultrasonic Interferometer and other Laboratory equipments and Scientific Instruments covered with Trademark, Design Registration and Copy right.
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