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Nano Science Instruments

We are also distributor of Nano Materials. Please click for list   

Today nano technology has spread all over the world and this branch of science flourish will more in coming time. Nanoscience laboratory equipments used for various purposes, thus it is necessary that the instruments have Trademark, Design Registration and Copy right for quality assurance. Thus we have taken the responsibility to deliver good quality of nano science instruments which are easy to handle and have a long life. In fact we are the manufacturer and distributor of equipments used in nano science like:-

Nano Fluid Interferometer which is used for measurement of Compressibility and intermolecular interaction of Nanofluid.

Nano Fluid Heat Capacity which is used for measurement of thermo physical property of Fluids having nano particle suspensions.

Low power High Frequency Sonicator which is used to disperse, break up and sheer particles in a sample material.

We know that with the availability of such instruments will able our country to reach new heights. Thus we are putting our best efforts in this direction.

  Nano Fluid Interferometer Nano Fluid Interferometer  


1.Characterization of Nanofluids like Ag/Au & Ferrofluids etc.

2. To evaluate modest nanoparticles concentration in the fluid for

significant enhancement of its property.


  Nano Fluid Heat Capacity Apparatus Nano Fluid Heat Capacity Apparatus  

The Specific Heat of nanofluids decreases as nanoparticle concentration increases. The specific Heat of nanofluids increases with temperature.


  Thermal Conductivity Apparatus Thermal Conductivity Apparatus  

The Apparatus follows widely accepted theory of heat conduction in liquids based on Debye’s concept in which the hydroacoustic vibrations (phonons) of a continuous medium(base fluid) are responsible for the heat transfer in liquids.