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Home » Chemistry Laboratory Instruments   »   Abbe Refrectometers
Abbe Refrectometers
Abbe Refractometers Abbe Refractometers
Code: AR-001

Abbe Refractometer   

Abbe Refractometer MA- 02   

a. Permits measurement of refractive indices of liquids, transparent and translucent solutions and solids.
b. Measurable range extends from 1.300 to 1.700.
c. Accuracy 0.001 by direct reading and 0.0001 by estimation.
d. Finely marked glass translucent arc scale.
e. Permits measurement of percentage of sugar.
f. Permits measurement of dispersion.
g. Water jacked prism box: allows measurement of index of refraction at the desired temperature.
h. Compensator consisting of amici prisms: allows to compensate for dispersion thus making it possible
to have a fine critical line.