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Capacitance and Permittivity Kit

Objective: To Study - (1) Series and Parallel combination of capacitances.
(2) Factors that determine the capacitance of a parallel plate Capacitor ( area of overlap, distance between the plates and the medium )

Capacitance And Permittivity Kit Capacitance and Permittivity Kit
Code: CPK-001

Capacitance and Permittivity Kit   

  • Completely self contained : no other measuring instruments are needed.
  • No calibration required.
  • High sensitivity : change of the order of 0.1 nf can easily be detected.
  • Integrated circuit electronics.
  • Linearity better than 1% f.s.d.
In operation it produces an output current proportional to capacitance.


The Kit consists of reed relay switch with its a.c. supply, integrated circuit current amplifier and 0-100 micrometer housed in a cabinet. In addition, a pair of capacitor plates 0.25m x 0.25m x 4 mm, a Perspex sheet, two capacitors (500 pf each), and set of perspex/ polythene spacers are provided with the kit.