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Welcome to Mittal Enterprises

Mittal Enterprises was established in 1976 with motto of providing quality products for Educational Institutions & Research Laboratories. The company has successfully achieved a distinct position owing to its quality products, competent management facilities and total customer satisfaction.

Mittal Enterprises has distinction in manufacturing and exporting Lab Instruments, Ultrasonic Instruments like Ultrasonic Interferometer and other Laboratory equipments and Scientific Instruments covered with Trademark, Design Registration and Copy right.

Our Products

Nano Science Instruments

Today nano technology has spread all over the world and this branch of science flourish will more in coming time.

Nanoscience laboratory equipments used for various purposes, thus it is necessary that the instruments have Trademark, Design Registration and Copy right for quality assurance.

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Ultrasonics Laboratory Instruments

These days ultrasonic instrument has become an evident part of every laboratory. There not only used for medical imaging, detection, measurement and cleaning.

But today it is also used for changing the chemical properties of substances.

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Physics Laboratory Instruments

Objective: Determination of dielectric constant of solidsTheory: A dielectric is a material having low electrical conductivity in comparison to that of a metal.

It is characterized by its dielectric constant. Dielectric constant is measured as the ratio of the capacitance C of an electrical condenser filled

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Material Sc. Laboratory Instruments

Our material science laboratory instruments basically consists of four instruments first, young modulus apparatus which is used for determining the young modulus elasticity of a wire by stretching it. Then second is curie temperature kit which is used for determining the Curie Temperature.

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Chemistry Laboratory Instruments

Our chemistry laboratory instruments match up to the intentional quality of standards, thus have a great demand in the market. It's basically consists of:-Ultrasonic Interoferometer for liquids

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Thermal Conductivity Apparatus

The Apparatus follows widely accepted theory of heat conduction in liquids based on Debye’s concept in which the hydroacoustic vibrations (phonons) of a continuous medium(base fluid) are responsible for the heat transfer in liquids.

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Why Choose Us

Mittal Enterprises has distinction in manufacturing Nanofluid Interferometer, Ultrasonic Interferometers and other scientific equipments for Research and Laboratory experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Polymer Science and Material Science departments of Engineering colleges, Post Graduate colleges and Universities.

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Latest Update

Our Ultrasonic Interferometer

MOLECULAR INTERACTIONS IN SUBSTITUTED PYRIMIDINES–ACETONITRILE SOLUTIONS AT 298.15–318.15 K1; A. B. Naika, M. L. Narwadeb, P. S. Bodakheb, and G. G. Muleyc a Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemical Technology, SGB Amravati University, Amravati-444602 (M.S.) India b Vidyabharati Mahavidyalaya, Amravati-444602 (M.S.) India c Department of Physics, SGB Amravati University, Amravati-444602 (M.S.) ISSN 0036-0244, Russian Journal of Physical

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