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Material Science Laboratory Instruments

our material science laboratory instruments basically consists of four instruments first, young modulus apparatus which is used for determining the young modulus elasticity of a wire by stretching it. Then second is curie temperature kit which is used for determining the Curie Temperature. With the determination of dielectric constant of PZT material with Temperature variation. After that comes dielectric constant kit which is used for measuring the dielectric constant of solids and lastly our universal B-H Curve Tracer which is used for tracing the B-H loop which is very difficult and needs a good machinery for doing so.

All these material science lab equipment are manufactured under the supervision of our talented staff which comprises of some highly qualified engineers and technicians from the industry. We are the distributor, manufacturer, exporter, supplier of all these material science instrument and have great expertise in dealing of all the projects which are mentioned above.

  Curie Temperature Kit (For Ferroelectric)  

Curie Temperature Kit (For Ferroelectric)

 Objective: Determination of dielectric constant of PZT material with Temperature variation and thus determining Curie Temperature.