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Abbe Refrectometers

  Abbe Refractometers  

Abbe Refractometers

Abbe Refractometer   

OBJECTIVE: MEASUREMENT of refractive index of Liquid and transparent Solids.


Determination can be performed properly and efficiently in the bright field of view under the stable light from the built in illuminator.
  • The scale is graduated on the upper side for the refractive index and the lower side is graduated to read directly the percentage of sugar in solution.
  • The main prism is always horizontal so that the liquid sample can be placed on the prism and measured conveniently.
  • The glass transparent scale is clearly graduated on the glass plate so that readings can be obtained easily.
  • The interior optical system is protected from moisture.
  • Viscous substances, like syrups, can also be easily measured.
  • A mechanism is provided to open the sub-prism so that it can be opened easily without undue force, especially when viscous samples are handled.


a. Refraction index from 1.300 to 1.700 b. Scale of sugar in water solution from 0 to 95% c. Light illumination at both the end of prisms to avoid Sodium Lamp d. Bimetal Temperature Sensor for liquid with digital Temperature indicator. Accuracy

For Refractive Index 0.001 by direct reading on scale & + 0.0001 by estimation.

For sugar solutions 0.05% direct reading on scale and + by 0.1% by estimations.

Overall dimensions of the Refractometer: 115 x 222x 263 cm.

Weight of the Refractometer : Approximately 4Kg.

Abbe –Refractometer is supplied with a small glass test-piece of known value, (Index matching liquid) thermocouple, Digital Temperature indicator ,light source with supply and instruction manual.