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Laser Experiment Kits


  • Determination of Power distribution within beam.
  • Measurement of beam spot size.
  • Measurement of divergence of LASER beam.
  • Determination of wavelength of LASER.
  • Determination of grating element of reflection type grating.
  Laser Experiment Kits  

Laser Experiment Kits

Laser Experiment Kits   

Now a days, LASERS are widely used in all the fields of Medical, Science & Technology. It is very important for the students to understand the properties and physical parameters of Laser. A simple setup has been designed for better understanding of physical concepts and demonstration / measurement using LASER and a no of optical and electronics components.

With the help of this kit, a very simple technique is used to determine the spot size of the LASER. In this technique, a knife-edge is slowly inserted into the beam and the power output is measured with respect to knife-edge position and hence from the plot of relative power vs knife edge position, spot size is determined. In the same way, divergence of the beam is also measured.

INSTRUMENT The setup Consists of :

a) He Ne LASER (2 mW) with Power Supply,
b) Optical bench
c) Reflection Grating (15000 lpi, imported),
d) Transmission Grating (15000 lpi, imported)
e) Photo Detector with holder,
f) Knife edge with holder
g) Micropositioner Mounts : 4 nos
h) Screen with Mount
i) Digital Multimeter