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Nano Fluid Interferometer


1.Characterization of Nanofluids like Ag/Au & Ferrofluids etc.

2. To evaluate modest nanoparticles concentration in the fluid for significant enhancement of its property.

3. Prediction of enhanced thermal conductivity due to suspension of the metallic nanoparticles with very low concentration in to the polymeric fluids.

4. Study of Phase transition and to detect/assess weak and strong molecular interactions in Nanofluids.

  Nano Fluid  

Nano Fluid

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Working Principle

In this instrument, Ultrasound waves of known frequency are produced by a Piezo-Electric transducer and its wavelength is measured with digital micrometer with high accuracy within ±0.001mm.

From the knowledge of frequency (f) and wave length(λ); the compressibility of nanofluid is determined by the following formula :

Sound Velocity in nanofluid
Adiabatic compressibility

Where ρ is density of nanofluid.

Thermal conductivity is determined by the following formula:-




where N (Avogadro's number) = 6.02×1023 and
V (molar volume)
 K= (Boltzmann's constant) = 1.3807×10-23 J/K


The Nanofluid Interferometer consists of the following parts:

  1.    Wave Generator
  2.   Nanofluid Cells
  3.  Temperature Controller Unit. (RT to 70°C)
  4. Nanofluids – Chemicals to make Ag nanofluid in   

various concentrations.


Model NF-10(2MHz )
Model NF-10X (1,2,3,5,7&10MHz)
Model NF-12X (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10& 12 MHz)