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Universal B-H Curve Tracer


1. Study of the hysteresis curves of transformer stampings, ferrites and other magnetic materials of different shapes and determination of their energy losses.

2. Study of the hysteresis curve as a function of the magnetic field.

3. Determination of saturation, magnetization, reminence and coercivity of magnetic materials.


  Universal B-H Curve Tracer  

Universal B-H Curve Tracer

Universal B-H Curve   

First time in INDIA we have developed technique to quickly trace B-H loop of ferromagnetic materials of any shape without winding primary and secondary coil on the sample. The present technique is specially designed for teaching and industrial applications. Universal B-H Curve Tracer is a self contained instrument and need any low cost C.R.O having X-Y gain. In this technique, B-H loop is formed by simply inserting the specimen in a magnetizing coil. It makes use of a specially designed integrated circuit probe to measure the flux density B. Any magnetic specimen, e.g. a 4-inch nail, soft iron wire or a hacksaw blade can be inserted in a magnetizing coil without disturbing the arrangement. Change of the specimen results in a different shape of the hysteresis curve.
The block diagram of the apparatus is shown below:


Setup consist of : Main Electronic Unit with builtin Power supply, Magnetizing Coil, Magnetic field sensing Probe, Holder for Magnetizing and Sensing Probe, Samples of different materials ( 4 nos.).